X-key cannot be emulated . Thanks to an univocal code per each smart card and to 3DES engine on board, it is impossible to use clones or other devices to simulate the original one.
X-key records the last 150 events.
X-key has a free memory area available to support other services provided by third parties (time&attendance, hotel automation, logical access to internet or IT centre)


Staff System

Staff System provides a software package, designed to make system management easier, and in particular: flexible key plan, card programming, reading and analysis of the audit trail, printing of all system data, back-up, etc.
Staff System as  my and mymobile , maintains the autonomous encoding system features. It is able to work even if PC failure occurs (for example: black out, computer virus attacks, other devices crashes etc).
Staff Sstem  offers Smart Software in a single work station (PC not supplied); Windows 95/98/NT or higher required.

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